Membership Plan 1 Details

general membership
general tick Deposit Rs.500/-*
general tick Hiring Limit - Rs.800/- Worth Of Books
general membership
general tick Deposits Rs.800/- *
general tick Hiring Limit - Rs.2000/- Worth Of Books.
general tick Access To Any Branch
important note Deposit - Refundable on cancellation of membership

Terms And Conditions

1.Deposit - Refundable on cancellation of membership

2.Reading duration - 15 days

3.Reading charges 10% of the book value for new books.

4.Depends on the condition for old books.

5.Please inform any change of address immediately.

6.Late fee of 1% of the book value will be collected if books are returned late.

7.If books are damaged/lost members will be charged fully for it.

8.Customer have to pay for delivery even if not available for collection.