1.Who is eligible to become a member of Easwari Lending Library?

Any adult, or a child with the permission of his /her parent/guardian, can become a member of Easwari Lending Library. Easwari Lending Library reserves the right to accept, reject, or discontinue membership for any reason. Membership is for personal use only and is non transferable. No member may re-lend item borrowed from the library at any time.

2.How do I become a member of Easwari Lending Library?

You can become a member by sending a New Membership request through our online registration interface, we will arrange for the form to be filled and the fees to be collected at your doorstep. Alternatively you could drop into any of our branches and complete the formalities.

3.Is Easwari Library an online library? Do I read books online?

No. Easwari Lending Library is a library with its collection lists made available to members through the Internet for browsing, book selection and marking books for return. The books themselves are delivered to the members by our Preferred Delivery Partners, usually a courier services company.

4.Are there any delivery charges? What are they?

The book delivery/pick-up will be changed at Rs 15/- for a radius of 2 KMS from any of our branches. Every additional KM will be charged at Rs 5/- extra.

5.How long does it take for the borrowed books to be delivered to me?

The books requested through our online interface will be delivered to on the next working day. Please note delivery will not be made on Saturdays.

6.How do I return the books borrowed to Easwari Lending Library?

Quite Simple! In the website, use the Enquiry option to mark the books you wish to return. You can have the books delivered to you and return the books with you at the same time.

7.How do I pay for the books purchased by me?

Cheque Payment All payments made by cheque should be made payable to Murugan Computer and Management Books. Any bad or bounced cheque will result in a penalty of Rs.25 plus any penalty imposed by the bank or clearing agency on Murugan Computer and Management Books. Cash Payment You can make the payment in cash to courier for the amount payable.

8.How do I cancel reservations made?

A member may cancel a reservation before 11 AM on the day for which a reservation is made. Any cancellation or failure to pick up or take delivery of a reserved book after 11 AM on the day will be ignored only under genuinely unavoidable circumstances. If a member cancels reservations repeatedly or for frivolous reasons, Easwari Lending library may impose a penalty equal to the borrowing fee for the book.

9.Can I keep a book if I wish to?

You can opt to keep a retainable book that you have borrowed by sending an e-mail to us expressing your desire to do so. Depending on the category to which the book belongs, we will confirm to you by e-mail whether or not we concur with your request. Our concurrence mail will contain the amount to be paid by you for retaining the book. This information can be used to make payment through our payment gateway. Once this process is completed, including the payment processing, the book will then be all yours!