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Trump-Think like a Billionaire


  • Author:Nora roberts
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    At a housing construction site on a hot July afternoon, a worker unexpectedly digs up some human bones. This not only causes the Antietam Creek Project to come a rude halt, but also creates an absolute furor in the small town community of Woodsboro which already holds that part of the land in dread because of the haunted pond called Simons Hole. When the bones are found to be more than 5000 years old, Lana Campbell, a widower with a young son and a transplanted city lawyer, happily slaps a court order to stop further construction on behalf of the Historical Preservation Society. First to arrive on the scene is the famous archeologist Dr. Callie Dunbrook, and her arrival heralds the coming of many other university people, including renowned anthropologist and Callies irritating but irresistible ex-husband, Jake Graystone.