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Vengeance of ravana book seven of the ramayana

  • Author:Ashok k banker
  • MRP:299
  • ISBN:
  • Category:INDIAN AUTHOR
  • Description:

    Ravana is dead. The asura threat is ended. At last Rama is on the throne of Ayodhya, seeking only to live in peace with his beloved Sita. But their peace does not last long because evil never dies, it only changes form and shape. An old enemy breaks free of his subterranean prison to convey a shocking message. An army arrives at the gates of Ayodhya, led by a mysterious being bearing a terrible weapon. Is Rama truly following his dharma or being manipulated by a plot masterfully orchestrated by Ravana? This long-awaited seventh volume in Ashok K. Banker's acclaimed Ramayana Series, soon to be followed by the eighth and final volume Sons of Sita, begins an enthralling two-part conclusion to the epic saga. About the Author Ashok K. Banker's internationally best-selling Ramayana series has won worldwide critical acclaim; he lives in Mumbai with his wife and two children.